A Tale of Two Belles: Kirsten Storms to Play Martha Madison’s Sister on Winterthorne!

The news from Michael Caruso’s upcoming candy biz soap Winterthorne just keeps getting more delicious. The DeVanity creator recently announced Kirsten Storms will be playing Selene, the sister of Martha Madison's Miranda Winterthorne. That's right Days of Our Lives fans — two Belles for the price of one big, glistening lollipop!
Daytime Emmys

Sheryl Underwood and Josh Duhamel Should Host; Plus Other Daytime Emmy Suggestions

The Daytime Emmys are headed back to television where they belong. Now comes the hard part — producing and airing a kudocast that is both enjoyable for millions of daytime television fans and profitable for Pop, the CBS-owned cable channel which will be airing the show April 26 at 8 pm EST.