Sarah Brown Returns to General Hospital

BREAKING NEWS! Sarah Brown has posted on her Official Website that she is returning to General Hospital!

I am so conflicted! Until Laura Wright, no one ever measured up to Sarah Brown’s Carly Corinthos for me. Now I love Laura Wright as Carly. What am I supposed to do now that Sarah Brown is returning and online rumors have it that she’s returning as Sarah Webber? I’m not sure I can handle watching Sarah Brown and Laura Wright on my screens at the same time? It’s going to be sensory overload!

GIANT shoutout to Matt for bringing this to our attention!

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    ohmygosh i had to create a user account to comment… i’m just stunned :jawdrop: i LOVE Sarah Brown but she IS Carly if she’s coming back to GH it can only be as Carly anything else just WRONG

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    I agree, SB IS Carly for me too. I wrote on the forums that I have mixed feelings about it. If she’s coming back, I would prefer her to be Carly. On the other hand, SB is talented enough so that she can pull of being another character. It would be weird at first, but I think eventually we’d get over it.

    And as Sarah Webber? That’s interesting… I wonder what kind of relationship she’ll have w/ Liz this time. Are they going to be rivals, or does GH feel Liz needs a new best friend since Em is gone??

    And Sarah Brown had MAD chemistry w/ Steve Burton, how are they going to keep THAT under control? They may end up with a Liz/Sarah/Jason triangle…

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    I’m really conflicted about this too. I like Sarah Brown; she’s an amazing actress. It’d be great to see her on daytime again after that terrible role of Julia on ATWT. But WHY GH? She’s already had success in the role of Carly; some people believe she’s the best Carly. I love her as Carly; I became a Carly fan because of her. How on earth could she play another character on GH? It’ll be so weird.


    Gus & Harley lover!

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