Whose Colleen Do You Prefer?

Since The Petition To Restore Adrianne Leon brought this issue of the Young and Restless' Colleen back up and since we've had some time to get accustomed to Sursok's Colleen I thought I'd see who everyone prefers as Colleen.

Whose Collen do you prefer?


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20 November 2007
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That is quite simple, one can act and the other one, not much!
Collen is a pivotal role and to change he for somebody less talented is mind boggling!

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30 December 2007
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I really don't get this character so neither one really does it for me, but I'd take Adrienne over Tammin because she shows more maturity in the the role.

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2 January 2008
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Is there really a choice? I would love to hear from the people who voted for Nu-Colleen as to why they did so.
Corbleen were hot when Adrianne Leon was on.
Now, the few times I've seen them together when I watch, well, it seems so inappropriate.
Nu-Colleen is fine with the current Lily. They both look like they're 16 years old.
I wish they'd bring Brook Lynn back to GH!

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3 January 2008
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No contest. Adrianne all the way! I am willing to chip in though to buy Tammin a one-way ticket back to Australia. Do you think they miss her at "Home and Away" ???

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2 November 2008
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Adrianne Leon was a terrible recast as Colleen. I HATED HER version of colleen. I could not hear her say her words clearly as she would whipser, what was with that????? TS colleen has had bad writing and poor SL, which impacts on the actor being accepted.I don't hear no accent!!!! On saying that, AL was lucky LF's colleen was not fired and was off the canvas for sometime. This did not happen for Tammin. TS has does done well with the back lash considering AL's firing. TAMMIN SURSOK THE BEST RECAST!!!!