Top 10 Actors of 2007

Top 10 Actors

1. Van Hansis

2. Jon Hensley

3. Robert S. Woods

4. Tyler Christopher

5. Peter Bergman

6. Rick Hearst

7. Tuc Watkins

8 David Canary

9. Jordon Clarke

10. Anthony Geary



Van Hansis, ATWT (Luke Snyder)- what do you say about his amazing young man? He can do it all- anger, vulnerability, weeping, physical pain and love. Why can’t all the soaps have ATWT’s cast director?

Jon Hensley, ATWT (Holden Snyder) – Yes, I know- 2 ATWT actors topping the list. Sue me.

Going back to the beginning of the year, his performance as a man who felt abandoned and felt guilty about it during his wife’s coma was outstanding. He is a staunch supporter of his gay son and can switch from angry to vulnerable on a dime. Watch for Hensley at Emmy time. 

Robert S. Woods,
OLTL (Bo Buchanan) – was there a better single performance this year than Bo grieving his father in the family barn? I don’t think so.


Tyler Christopher, GH (Nikolas Cassadine)- if anyone can tell me that they didn’t feel every bit of Nik’s grief when Emily died, I will eat this laptop. Excellent Emmy reel for the talented Mr. Christopher.


Peter Bergman, Y&R (Jack Abbott) – He’s consistently awesome.


Rick Hearst, GH (Ric Lansing) – see #5.


Tuc Watkins, OLTL (David Vickers) – Get this man on contract. NOW.


David Canary, AMC (Adam and Stuart Chandler)- much like Alicia Minshew, poor David was given so many horrible scenarios to play this year and still infused Adam and Stuart with lvitality, vulnerability and bite.

Jordan Clarke, GL (Billy Lewis) – watching his tearing grief at Reva’s bedside to his continuing struggle against alcoholism, Billy is always fascinating because Jordan always hits the right notes.


Anthony Geary, GH (Luke Spencer)- Because he’s Anthony Freaking Geary. Enough said. No? How about he shines with Kin Shiner and Jane Elliott? No? He can do it all and when he’s gone you want him back? Yes, that’s it.


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  1. Profile photo of naughtyeskimo

    I must be the only one who doesn’t find Jon Hensley to be a good actor. Van Hansis has his moments of gold but god, they write Luke so painfully horrible that I can’t like him (and Noah just drags him down). Find him a little hottie who’s a great actor and who’s interesting on his own too.

    Rick Hearst ftmw!

  2. Profile photo of dkellergrl2001

    I agree with this list 100%, especially with the top two listed actors. Jon and Van have created outstanding memories as a father (Holden) who adores, loves and supports his son (Luke), regardless of his sexuality. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Holden would stand by his son, because ALL of his children are important in his eyes.

    I really hope that Jon picks a good reel for his submission for this year’s Emmys. I would be saddened if he wasn’t noticed for his work this year.

    I can’t say enough about Mr. Van Hansis. ATWT should be forever grateful to their casting agent for discovering the amazing actor that is Van.

  3. Profile photo of Lacon

    It is great to see you continually recognize the talents of Van Hansis. I have watched soaps for almost 30 years, and have never seen an actor with the range and talent of Van. He really can express any emotion required, often expressing a range of emotion within a given scene. The producers of this show need to recognize his talents and give his storyline the airtime it deserves. Continual praise from industry insiders like yourselves can only help Van’s cause.

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