Do Sami and Colleen Look Alike?


After word of Shirley Jones joining the cast of Days of Our Lives and the possibility of her portraying Colleen Brady one of our readers Christine_in_Wisconsin asked for a side by side picture so that we can all compare whether or not Sami and the possible Colleen look anything alike.

So here you go, do the actresses who portray Sami and possibly Colleen look anything alike? Discuss by commenting.


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30 November 2007
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Actually, in those pics they DO look really similar, good job finding the photos!

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11 December 2007
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Thanks for the photos. I see quite the resemblance, and the casting is true to age so I think we've got our Colleen. Now the questions of where she's been and what the back story has been all these years and of course how long before Days offs Colleen simply because you can't keep a high profile star like Shirley Jones on the payroll too long.

Marlena resolved to bring her family back together this year - does that mean we get Eric back? One last Days comment - I loved when Claire aged 2 years in one day and Belle brought her to Sami's and Sami says she can't believe how quickly she has grown - all 3 in that room have been SORASed so now they all have even more in common.