Corbin Bernsen Hosts New Gameshow On GSN

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Look for Corbin Bernsen (ex-John Durant, General Hospital) as the host of GSN's newest game show called How Much Is Enough?

The show has four players facing off in a test of strategy, psychology and nerve. It's a high-energy game show combining fast-action and calculated risks taken by each contestant. The game begins with five "Money Clocks" ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. The players secretly buzz-in for each round as the money amount is displayed on the clock. The contestants attempt to capture the second highest amount of money as the greediest player is awarded nothing throughout the first four rounds. The two players with the most money remaining in their bank after the $5,000 "Money Clock" round then advance to the FINAL Face-Off!

How Much Is Enough?

Airs Tuesdays to Saturdays 9pm/8c on GSN.