John Driscoll Wishes His Fans A Happy 2008

Guiding Light's John Driscoll is wishing his fans a Happy New Year on his blog and talking about what he was up to this past fall. I've included an exceprt from his post below but be sure to check out his blog.

"I was asked to carry the “Outstanding Drama” Emmy to Salt Lake City, Utah to surprise a lucky fan in our traveling Emmy contest. This trip had to be one of the most random trips for me to be honest. Not because of the reason for it or meeting the woman who won, Marjan, and her wonderful family. It was random because of the scenery, my two office friends Pablo and Jay who went with me, the brand new Hummer we were given (HOLLA), the exclusive dining club we ate at the night we arrived which cost like $7 dollars to join, the wild radio songs we were rocking out to in the car, and the intense in-flight trivia game that we played both on the way out and back. This was such a fun excursion that took place over just two days and so memorable that every time Pablo, Jay and I hang out at work we always laugh about the trip."


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Does anyone know how old John Driscoll is? Just curious.

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I'm sure one could find out on

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He's old enough that I don't feel pervy for finding him hot. He's 26 according to imdb