Guiding Light: Stephanie Gatschet Returns and Ghost Sex

PGP Classics is reporting that Stephanie Gatschet is returning to "Guiding Light" for the memorial service of her long dead character Tammy Winslow Randall January 22, 23, and 25. They are also teasing the possibility of "ghost sex".

What is up with all these soaps teasing or using "ghost sex" and "ghost romances" to try so that they can squeeze one last ratings point of a popular star? It’s a trend I find a bit disturbing.

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    Agree it’s a creepy trend. Aren’t they doing this on AMC to make it seem like they didn’t kill this character off? I suppose the alternative is every show being like Days. That’s why I thought the Belle Black finding out about John being alive scene was so hilarious. She was like “but you were dead..never mind! Don’t explain it to me.” Death isn’t death in Salem.

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