Brian Frons Says Writers Strike is Helping Daytime!

Now isn’t this interesting.

In an interview with Knoxville News Brian Frons says that "The (writers’) strike actually helped us in terms of luring these actors back to the show," says Frons. "If you aren’t an actor with a steady primetime gig, you probably won’t find (work) until fall of ’09. So I think that gives soap operas a chance (for actors) to find steady work."

The article continues by saying "The writers’ strike is about to cut into "pilot season" in Hollywood, when prospective new shows for fall shoot first episodes for network consideration.

If no new scripted primetime shows go into production soon for the fall of this year, many actors will be looking for work in alternative genres such as daytime."

This gets me thinking.

Which former daytime stars in primetime might the soaps be able to lure back the strike continues? I know that a lot of fans would like to see Josh Duhamel back on All My Children but for some reason I doubt he’s going to return to daytime when he probably has some movies in the works.

Which former stars would you like see return to your favorite soap?

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    The actor that plyed Mimi`s older brother Patrick ,Erin Tapery ex jessica ,For the rest Luke thay`s rally alittle hard lets see maybe Julieanne Morris ex Greta ,Jessica Morris ex Jenifer ONE Life TO Live ,there are so many actors and actress I would like to see back Dahila Salem ex Sofia Another World,THE actresses that played Mac and the that played Cassie .

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    Frons has promised us this before. I really have no faith in what he says anymore, although I would love to see Josh come back even briefly. Vanessa would be awesome too, but we’ve been wanting that forever. lol.

    I really think BF lacks all self awareness. The writers strike is helping daytime, but not for the reason he thinks. Its because the scabs write the shows better than the real writers. At least in GH and DAYS case.

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    I have to agree, the scab writers are much better all across the board. I want to say something about BF and who’s doing what to who. I cannot believe this man is in charge of ABCD Daytime, Buena Vista Productions (Regis & Kelly, et. al) and SoapNet. He has no clue!!!!!!!

    The best thing that jackbutt has done for GH is bring back SBr. I love seeing Sonny’s cajones in a vice and it’s happened twice already since she’s been there. Keep the good times coming!

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