Smackdown: Natalie and Jared Banks vs. Natalie and John McBain

The Couples Smackdown returns with One Life to Live’s Natalie and Jared vs. Natalie and John. Does John and Natalie still have what it takes after all these years or are Jared and Natalie the new "it couple"?  Anyone who’s listened to the podcast knows who I’ll be voting for.

Which couple is your favorite?

Smackdown: Natalie and Jared Banks vs. Natalie and John McBain

  • Natalie & Jared (48%, 342 Votes)
  • Natalie & John (52%, 375 Votes)

Total Voters: 717


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8 Responses

  1. Profile photo of purplebraids

    I can`t stand Jared for whats going on with Jessica and if he really loved Natalie like he says does then he would tell the truth and forget about the money and take the gril instead.Jared storyline has so many holes in it that I don`t believe what the head writer RON C is trying to sell me because JESSICA`S family could check to see if she in STAR Texas at time BO could do that so way would anyone believe someone who was in jail for two years over Jessica that`s the big problem I have with this storyine and the same thing goes for Richie on AMC to way should we believe him.

  2. Profile photo of Trudi

    You know I am trying to like Jared and Natalie, but the uncle scam is really getting tiresome, and today’s episode set them way back in my book. I’ll keep watching and hoping it gets better because Natalie is my girl. I just wish they could give her the kind of love interest who even after she dumps all over him and makes him look like a complete fool, he will still donate his organs to her. }:)

  3. Profile photo of color23

    John always goes for women in a crisis he goes through them like water none of his relationships will last because he can’t get past get on with his past.

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