Days of Our Lives: Lauren Koslow’s Contract Status In Question

BREAKING NEWS! Days of Our Lives veteran Lauren Koslow’s contract status has been brought into question amid online reports that she has been let go. Reportedly SNS broke the news in their forums.

If true this follows in the wake of the firings of Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer.  This amidst the recent hiring of Tamara Braun, the reported talks between Days of Our Lives and other former General Hospital including Jason Gerhardt, and the rumors that Days of Our Lives is trying to entice Kirsten Storms to return as Belle Black and the rumor of Lindze Letherman being courted as Mimi.

For me the possibility of Koslow’s Kate Roberts no longer being on Days of Our Lives is hard to image as she has played Sami arch nemesis for over a decade and is one of my favorite characters.

I have to ask this question but don’t consider it a spoiler because it is not.

Considering Days of Our Lives renewal is question with NBC and considering all the major firings and the consequent hiring and rumored hirings of former General Hospital stars is it possible that Corday may have cut some sort of deal with Frons if NBC doesn’t renew Days of Our Lives

In my opinion only two things explain what is going on at Days of Our Lives these days 1) Corday is slashing the cast to make it affordable for NBC to renew or 2) Corday has cut a deal with Frons as I mentioned above.

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    I had heard that she recently renewed and took a big paycut. Of course Martha Madison recently renewed and that didn’t mean anything.

    It’s possible that Corday cut some type of deal with Frons, but that would also mean that Sony would have to sell they show to Disney. I don’t see Days being that profitable for ABC-D unless they owned it. Who knows a miracle could occur and Days could be saved and stay on NBC.

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    I sincerely hope this is just a rumor.I love lauren koslows portrayal of kate roberts,shes always dead on.Right now it seems days is making drastic changes.I hope tamara’s arrival will boost ratings.I have a hunch abc will buy days

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    I hate to see Kate go (especially since the show has forgotten about one important story related to nick and Chelsea, Nick having Kate give Chelsea the money and if she goes, probably so does the chance of that ever coming out) as I do think LK is talented and has chemistry with almost everyone she is opposite.

    OTOH, the show is in a huge budget crunch, and cast cuts are happening all over the place. I’d rather the recurring roles get cut (though it hurts me to say it) so it keeps the veterans like Steve, Kayla, Bo and Hope around on the air.

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