On the Stands: Truth In Advertising, Or Not

What in the world is going on at Young and Restless? I don’t care one hoot about the rest of the cover of Soap Opera Weekly but Katherine isn’t Jill’s mother?  This makes absolutely no sense to me though it may to older viewers. Personally, I’d rather have a picture of Cane and Jill with the headline "Plus: Jill IS NOT Cane’s Mother?!" That would make way more sense to a lot of people I think.

Payback is a bitch this week on the cover of Soap Opera Digest only this time it also comes in the form of Donna and Eric on Bold and Beautiful. Then again hasn’t Eric been Stephanie’s "bitch" for years? Of course the big "news" is what we’ve already discussed here on the blog for the past week and that is the return of Sarah Brown as Claudia to General Hospital. On the other hand, I must admit. I’m sort of looking forward to the scene where Robin tells Patrick she’s pregnant. That should be good.

Don’t you just love misadvertising? We all know good and well that it isn’t Thorsten Kaye, Alicia Minshew, or Cameron Mathison that are leaving All My Children and yet there they are on the cover with the giant headline "Three Stars Out". Obviously the magazine is referring to the bloodbath over at All My Children and the firing of Jeff Branson (Jonathon Lavery),  Brent Weber (Sean Montgomery), and Alec Musser (Del Henry) but they don’t sell mags now do they? I don’t get ABC Soaps In Depth so if I’m wrong someone please reply to this but I seriously doubt that inside the magazine its talking about Thorsten Kaye, Alicia Minshew, or Cameron Mathison.

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    I would give ANYTHING for Katherine not to be Jill’s mother. Making them mother and daughter was such a big mistake IMO. I’ve been watching Y&R forever and hearing Jill call Katherine “mother” is just disturbing

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    Ok, wait a freaking minute. So, Jill was seduced by her mothers husband who divorced katherine and married his step daughter on his death bed and then katherine cheated her daughter, jill, out of the inheiritance she should have gotten after the death bed marriage and jill had her step fathers child? nasty. What a dumb plot device that sounds like.

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    I agree with you daisyclover1938!

    Jill should not be Kay’s daughter! And yes Belinda it was awful to think about all the ramifications, so they did not! They gloss over it, pretty quickly.

    Since then she is not interesting at all. It’s like she completely forgot who she is, where she is coming from. Her reaction to Amber’s antic was mind boggling since she did worst in her youth!

    I thought that both Jill and Cane were means and frankly highly hypocritical with the way they reacted to Amber and how they handle it!

    I hope Jill find herself alone on her kister, without the Chancellor inheritance, may be then she will grow up and develop compassion!

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