Amber Tamblyn in "Spiral"

Can someone help me out on this one please. I was reading another blog and they were talking about Amber Tamblyn's movie "Spiral". I was like "cool, I'll check that out and see if its something I'd watch". Well I checked out the trailer and even though it's not my kind of movie I went looking for a premier date. However, the info I found said that it premiered in 2007. I'm not sure how I missed a movie premier being on the Movie Junkie podcast but I hadn't heard of it until today. Has anyone watched this movie? If so, did you enjoy it? The trailer looks like it could be a thrill ride.


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Luke, I sent you an e-mail on that info you were wondering about. This movie looks really good!! I can't wait to see it!

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I looked it up on IMDB, and apparently the movie never got a theatrical release, but it's coming out on DVD on February 19th.