General Hospital: More on the TMK & How Kristina Factors Into the Story

How does Kristina Davis-Corinthos factor into the Text Message Killer storyline?  Well for weeks now we’ve been telling you about RUMORS that have Kristina being grabbed or possibly seeing the killer at the Lakehouse.  The RUMORS go on to say that Kristina is once again traumatized by what or who she sees.   Remember the last time little Kristina was traumatized into silence?  Yep! When Sam shot and killed Diego Alcazar.  With the RUMORS that Ignaccio Serricho is back on set, anyone else thinking that Kristina sees a dead man?

Is Diego the TMK?  RUMORS say he is and he is doing it to avenge his family.  Is that why the TMK seems to be focusing on Alexis and her family?  Remember, Alexis killed Luis, Diego’s uncle.   Sam was the one who shot and supposedly killed Diego.  Carly, broke his dad’s heart and Diego has always hated Maxie.  We’re guessing that Leticia was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Emily was to get at Jason for killing his father.  The only one that is tough to explain is Georgie.  Diego and Georgie were friends and Diego even had feelings for the youngest Jones girl, but Georgie did have a hand in Sage’s death.  If Georgie’s death happened the way Cooper explained it to Logan, its completely plausible that Georgie ran from Coop, scratching him in the process and ran directly into Diego.  Knowing that Georgie would do the right thing and out him to really be alive, Diego did the only thing he could and killed Georgie.  

NOW, these are just RUMORS but where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Ignaccio has a guest starring role on CBS’ The Ghost Whisperer and with the strike, he obviously would have the time to come back to General Hospital.  Remember Brian Frons’ comments on the strike and how primetimers can come back to daytime?

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    Regan Cellura

    Carolyn Hinsey has a tid bit in her weekly article in the New York Daily News….

    According to her, Ignaccio IS on set, not RUMORED to be as reported by SOD.  She also has a theory on it being Diego’s twin.  Interesting twist although not the way I’d like to see it. 

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    Well, if it is Diego and not a twin, I’d hope he’d at least be really upset for having to kill Georgie to cover his tracks. It would be even better if they could get Georgie back to film a flashback.

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    Indeed, both Georige and Emily were heavily involved the night Sage died. Crazy Mary’s intended target that night was Emily, but Sage died in her place. Sage was killed in the Quartermaine’s freezer, where she was locked by Georgie. Mary was later murdered by Lorenzo in the hospital. Diego was not on at this time, so I don’t believe he ever met Sage. But hey, we’ve seen people kill for less…

    Who knows, maybe there is more to the story. Maybe it isn’t Diego, but his twin brother or something, as suggested. It sounds lame, but after all, we did see Luis die and then Lorenzo surface in Port Charles. They say twins do run in the family…

    I’d like for it to not be Logan. I never really liked the guy, but I see him as being far more useful in a Johnny/Lulu/Logan triangle. In the mean time, I say bring Brook Lynn (Adrianne Leon) back to the canvas (we need more Q’s!) and then set up either a Brook/Spinelli pairing or Brook/Logan pairing, with Maxie ending up with the other guy.

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    I have mentioned an equal suspect for the TMK elsewhere…Manny Ruiz. He was a total nutbag and got his cookies terrifying women. And the site of him would scar the crap of any adult, so Kristina would be well within her bounds to have a wiggins, especially depending on the circumstances in which she saw him. Just a thought. I also toyed with the idea of AJ making a comeback, but I just don’t think he would have hurt emily.

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