All Soaps: Best & Worst of Writers Strike

Since the Writers Strike is unofficially, officially over I thought it might be fun to reflect about what we all consider to be the Best & Worst of the Writers Strike for our favorite soaps. What are the things that were better during the Writers Strike and what are the things that were worse during the Writers Strike.

Here is my list.


1. Spreading the acting wealth around at General Hospital. We've seen a lot more people than we are accustomed to.
2. One Life to Live staying the awesome soap it was thanks to Ron's soap bible.
3. Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Rebecca Budig returning to daytime.
4. Slight improvements over at Young & Restless.
5. Guiding Light reportedly having the foresight of having scripts through February.
6. General Hospital proving that ratings can go up without Guza at the helm.


1. Days of Our Lives behind the scenes saga.
2. Sloppy dialogue at several soaps.
3. Choppy editing at General Hospital. Some days you'd tune in and think you missed a day and hadn't.
4. The Head Writers of All My Children accepting Fi-Core. Why couldn't we had a break from them?
5. The possibility that the Scrubs pregnancy storyline wouldn't be told right on General Hospital.
6. As the World Turns not using the strike as an opportunity to bring Luke & Noah more front and center on the show.

What is on your list of Best & Worst?


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I totally agree with all of those, esp. the GH and AMC ones. I think I'd like to have seen an AMC written by producers, secretaries, and people who just happened to walk by the offices of ABC Daytime because it just might have been better!

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I agree as well. AMC may have just been given new writers, but with the exception of the reintroduction of the Hubbard family, it's my opinion that AMC still needs a lot of help. Why is it that difficult to find good writers? Soaps just keep shuffling the same few back and forth. It's time for some fresh writers with new ideas! Or better yet, promote from within, as OLTL has done. Then again, Ron Carlivati may be a rarity. In that case, ABC needs to give that man a huge pay increase and put him in charge of ALL of ABC Daytime.


GH's interim writers have done a wonderful job of showcasing a majority of the show's cast, something that hasn't been done in..well, I can't remember when. I think we've seen more of Bobbie, Monica, Tracy, Edward, Mac, and Mike these past few weeks than we have in recent months combined. Stories have also continued to move and a decent pace.

That being said, certain stories are not playing out so well. Michael and his gun storyline ignores too much general logic, as mentioned on the boards (where's Mikey's bodyguards? Mike taking Michael at his word?). And Robin's pregnancy storyline just doesn't sit right with her witholding her child's true paternity. Also, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that Monica has a storyline, but I just wish we could have seen more of her descent into the bottle, rather than her just showing up one day as an alchoholic. But, I'll take what I can get where the Vets are concerned.

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I don't agree about the ATWT one. Only two weeks ago or something did we get the scab episodes and Luke and Noah were on a lot more and will get a frontburner storyline when Ameera (played by Tala Ashe) from Iraq comes to Oakdale on February 22nd.

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I was just thinking the other day that although we still have the mob in Port Charles, it has become more of a background thing instead of teh main forcus of the show. Even with the introduction of Claudia Zacchara, there is so much more going on in Port Charles than Sonny and teh mob. Even Jason appears to be tired of it. I love that there has been a relationship created for Alexis and Diane, and now have added Kate to the mix. This is a trifecta I an get behind. I love that Sam and Lucky are now being written for the fans, and not TPTB. The characters are acting more in character, and are not written black and white.

I would agree that Monica became an alcoholic overnight, that was weird. I missed a few shows, so I thought I missed something, but I guess I didn't miss that much after all. I would have loved to watch Monica having one too many martinis in the evening after Emily died. I would have loved seeing her sitting in the living room staring at Alan and Emilys pictures while soothing her grief with booze, that I would believe, not gulping hungrily from a flask at work.

There a too many things to mention, but suffice it to say that TPTB need to taek a closer look at who has been writing for the soaps these past few months, and consider that we, the fans are satisfied overall with what we are seeing and don't want to go back to stories that are dictated by the personal likes and dislikes of those in charge. It may very well be their candy store, but we the viewers are the ones buying the candy.

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AMC is suffing with every bad plotine storylines and destrtion of couples for reshuffleing and usless characters like Ava ,Richie and NuBabe.THE best was One Life To Live.