General Hospital: We LOVE Nadine and so does ABC! Claire Coffee on Contract!

What great news!  We’ve been singing Claire Coffee’s praises for weeks now and apparently TPTB at ABC Daytime agree.  RUMORS were swirling this AM that she was given a contract and now SON is confirming it. 

Claire Coffeee, who portrays Nurse Nadine Crowell, has been put under contract with the ABC Daytime drama series effective immediately. Coffee began playing Nurse Crowell in 2007. 

Does this mean a Nikolas/Nadine pairing is coming?

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    As Belinda said in her Eye on Soaps column, we now know who won the Nikolas chemistry contest between Nadine and Leyla. I’m so happy for Claire as she is one of the newbies that I like and has shown that she can hold her own with the vets of the show.

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    Let me see if I can get this straight. GH can’t give actors like Jane Elliot, Leslie Charleson, and John Ingle adequate screentime and refuse to write for Lindze Letherman even in her status as a core character, and they can put yet ANOTHER newbie character with no ties to the canvas on contract?? What is this, GH’s 1,527th contract player? No wonder this show is going to the dogs.

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    I like Nadine well enough, but did we really need her? I agree that I would have rather have had Lindze Letherman stay on rather than all the newbies.
    Interesting that they never mention her sister Jolene anymore either.
    And when did we really have a Nik / Leyla screen test other than the B&W ball when her necklace broke? I liked them together then.
    Much better than Payla!
    And I am glad that they are not doing a Spinnelli/ Nadine storyline. Seemed like they were headed that way.
    Maxelli is a lot more interesting (that’s the squish name that BA & KS came up with for themselves)

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