Young and Restless: Axe Drops! Lynn Marie Latham Fired!

Barely a day after the Writers Strike ended Lynn Marie Latham has been the first of several rumored Head Writers to be officially fired. Many longtime Young and Restless fans are rejoicing, I’m sure. Personally, I didn’t realize why long time fans had become so upset until late last fall when the "Out of the Ashes" debacle exposed the true travesty of what she was doing to the show.

The question now becomes will she end up on another soap? Though not suited for Young and Restless could she be better suited on another soap?

And now that the Head Writer of the number one rated soap has been fired could we see other rumored Head Writers bite the dust on their current shows? Only time will tell.

Are you happy that Latham has been fired?

Young and Restless: Axe Drops! Lynn Marie Latham Fired!

  • This is terrible, I loved her take on Y&R (8%, 15 Votes)
  • Yay! One down, a few more to go on other soaps. (20%, 35 Votes)
  • Yes! It's about time! (72%, 128 Votes)

Total Voters: 178


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    O-M-G. I can finally have sex again. I can eat junk food. I can dance naked in my apartment again. That is how DAMN HAPPY I AM!!!!!! Can we hold an internet party or something. Is this how you poor All My Children fans felt when Mctrashit got the axe. I feel like the world is right aain. I feel like finding the highest mountin and singing “The Hills are alive with the sound of pink slip! I truly got love ON Valentines Day!


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    Wow, this is good news! I hope the next Head writer won’t be a recycle one from another show where he bum!

    I don’t understand how they want to recycle writers like that, since they already proved that they were not up to par! There is a lot of talented people out there, just give them a chance!

    One down, I hope Guza is the next one to go, because frankly if he is not, I give up on GH!

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