All My Children: Angie and Jessie Reunite

I’ll admit it. Angie and Jesse are the two best things to happen to All My Children in years. These two are amazing. Here’s to hoping for a long and prosperous run and that they don’t end up killed off by another Pancake Killer.

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    I find myself turning into AMC these days for just a glimpse of Jesse and Angie. Everything else on that show pales in comparison. I hope they stay on teh show, because if it’s possible for 2 people to save a show, I believe that this couple can.

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    I took AMC off of my DVR after Aidan and Kendall slept together. I couldn’t stand to see tptb spit on Zendall and their fans. However, the Angie & Jesse promos have peaked my interest. I might just tune in for them, or check out some youtube clips.

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    Every scene with these two in it is amazing! I find myself tearing up as it brings up memories of rooting for these two way back when!!!!! You just wanted them to get a break and be happy but then again, they wouldn’t be Jesse and Angie if they didn’t have any drama!

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