All My Children: Indescent "Fusion" with a Pole

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Hmmmmmm.....I should probably have made this a "Caption This" but I'm not exactly sure what to say about these pictures. Obviously not all cross promotion is bad and it sure looks like the actresses are having a blast but is it just me or is it this type of storyline that is a perfect example of why fans are so upset with All My Children? It's just blatant fluff intended to try and attract a young demographic.

Compare the above type of storyline to the amazingly gripping Jesse and Angie storyline and I would be willing to hedge a bet that fans would prefer the Angie and Jesse storyline.

P.s. Who thinks that Greenlee and Kendall in the first picture look like they're auditioning for the Herbal Essences "orgasmic" commercials?

P.s.s. From the expression on Ryan's face it would appear he's never visited a stripper bar....either that or he's afraid they're all going to jump him.