One Life to Live: David Andrew MacDonald Comes to Llanview

Update: More details are coming out on the above photos of David Andrew MacDonald. SON is reporting that they are apart of an ESPN and ABC promotional campaign and that MacDonald will not be joining the cast of One Life to Live. (To bad, because from those photos he looks like he could really shake up Llanview if he wanted.)

Original: Move over The Sun, get of the way The Banner, there is a new man in town and he’s gunning for Buchanan Enterprises. That’s right folks, there’s a new villain in Llanview and he’s being portrayed by David Andrew MacDonald. MacDonald, who recently returned to Guiding Light as Edmund Winslow for a short stint, has jumped networks and joined One Life to Live. Details are sketchy about the character other than he’s going after Buchanan Enterprises and there is no official word on how long he will be staying.

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    I am delighted! MacDonald is a fascinating performer. Mesmerizing in fact. GL’s stupid loss is OLTL’s gain. But I was eagerly anticipating Hunt Block’s role, and I am most disappointed, so perhaps I should contain my enthusiasm. Oh well! Nevermind. If you can’t get excited about a soap, what’s the point? It’s brilliant casting. He will be the perfect corporate raider, and I can’t wait for him to go up against Jared and Natalie, although I find it hard to believe they will be worthy adversaries. I just hope they don’t make him as cartoonish a villain as Spencer was. That RC is writing instead of Higley is some reassurance, but it’s too easy for soaps to fall into that trap.

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