Let the Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Begin, "Las Vegas" Rumored to be Cancelled

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(which dubs itself the "Premier" Las Vegas Fansite) is reporting that NBC's "Las Vegas" has been canceled. If true brace yourself for the floodgates to fly open and to see pictures of Vanessa Marcil splashed across every major soap magazine and rumors of her return on every major soap board. The magazine will have a feeding frenzy because let's face it, no one seems to sell magazines like Vanessa Marcil.

Can you imagine? Maurice Bernard, Ingo Rademacher, Sarah Brown, Steve Burton, Kimberly McCullough AND Vanessa Marcil all on at the same time? It would be like déjà vu. If this is true I say the mags will have her on the cover within eight weeks.

If this is true what do you think? Would you be glad to have Vanessa Marcil back?