Bold & Beautiful: Eric Grows ‘Em Back

For months, we at DC wondered what became of Eric Forrester. This guy runs an international fashion house, but can’t seem to keep Stephanie from controlling every aspect of his universe. Last summer he was nothing more than a poolside chef, but that changed when he hooked up with Thorne’s toss away girltoy Donna.

When it was revealed last week in the LA paper that Eric was standing naked on a ledge, I thought Eric would cave to Stephanie’s harsh words. Throughout their fierce argument, Eric (surprise, surprise) stood his ground, which was a refreshing change. Donna put some fire into the old man (even if it is in the form of a blue pill that she didn’t know about) and Eric weathered the challenge of public humiliation like a champ. Welcome back Eric! John McCook gets an honorable mention for bringing back the strength of his character in such a revealing manner. He’s been naked more than clothed over the last several weeks.

I suspect history was changed for the sake of their fight. I haven’t been a regular watcher over the years, but I’m pretty sure Eric wasn’t as pathetic as Steph made him out to be. If he was, he’d never be able to run that business.

As a side note, did anyone else find it odd that no one busted out laughing when they looked at the newspaper?

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    they change history every time eric and stephanie fight. it’s always her fault and while she’s never blameless, he has time after time tossed her away for some young thing. can anyone blame her for expecting him to come back to her after donna? i mean he’s the one who has said she’s his muse and he has stood behind him through all his dalliances. he would never had started the company without the help of her father. what i can’t figure out is why steph wants him back. i mean, run the business together and let him mess up and come crawling back which is what he always does, then tell him to take a hike. i can’t believe that donna is any more special than lauren or brooke and he left them to return to steph. i would certainly have understood him staying with one of them over donna.

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    I agree with blackjack…the real question for me has always been Why does Steph want Eric? He’s a spineless twerp that pathetically chases after his sons’ rejects. I wrote on another thread awhile ago that my hope for 2008 was that Steph would start dating and find love w/ someone worthy of her (someone intelligent, handsome and strong enough to put Steph in her place when she’s acting all crazy.)

    And Mike, as far as Eric running the business, I was always under the impression that Eric was in charge of the creative side of the company, but that Steph took care of all the business aspects of it (I may be wrong though).

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    I know I am in the minority and in no way should this be considered a bash on Susan Flannery, but I detest Stephanie Forrester. She is a cartoonishly controlling matriarch with the added disadvantage of being totally devoid of humor. Every soap has this sort of character (and usually a male and female version to boot). And usually they’re some of my favorite characters. On OLTL, it was Asa and now Dorian, and on GL it’s Alan Spalding, but they at least make me laugh in their firm conviction that they’re always right no matter all the evidence to the contrary and I think the writing intentionally conveys the humor in their detachment from reality. Certainly the portrayals do (did). Stephanie is written as one of these types of characters but the writing is too serious for my taste. I have a hard time watching her most of the time.

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    I think in anyone else’s hands Stephanie would be a monster…the one saving grace is that Susan Flannery is such a dynamic performer. She’s by far the best thing about the show, imo.

    I do think that B&B is seriously lacking in humor (particularly after Sally left/Darlene Conley died). But I think Steph is one of the few characters that has a sense of humor. It’s definitely a nasty humor (she’s usually insulting someone) but I think she can be hilarious… And some of Susan Flannery’s expressions when someone else is talking are hysterical.

    The only other one that gets funny lines is Jack Wagner (when not involved in Brooke/Taylor melodrama). That’s why I like Steph/Nick scenes, because they’ll either be really intense or amusing when they’re taking little jabs at each other. I’m telling you, I know they always want Steph’s nemesis’ to be women (Jackie, Brooke, Donna) but for my money Steph & Nick have the best hate/hate chemistry, and are the true equals.

    Oh well, got slightly off topic :) Trudi, though I disagree, I have a feeling a lot of people feel the same way as you :)

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    Mike Jubinville

    Thanks for the background information. My response to Eric was in regard to the past year or so when we were questioning his whereabouts. I have big gap years with B&B, but surely know that Eric has plowed through all the Logan women with the exception of Katie (sounds like Brooke nailing the Forrester men!).
    It’s a good point that someone as strong as Stephanie would want to stay with Eric. As much as Susan Flannery brings to the role, it just didn’t feel that Stephanie wanted him back. It felt like she was going with the script this time around. I’m sure it would be better for her to move on. Their only "magic" right now seems to be when they fight.

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    I agree that Steph can be an overbearing monster of a mother. But Brooke and Taylor have done their share of manipulating their children as well. Like Brooke “making” Nick get back with Bridget, then seeing him behind her back, or when Brooke treated Amber the exact same way Steph treated her. Taylor’s worst moment was trying to get rid of Gaby (although who didn’t?).

    Mike, i also didn’t get the vibe that Steph really wanted Eric back. i just think she wants him to be miserable. He always says how Steph never believed in him – wah wah wah! She’s the only one who’s consistently stuck with him. i say she kicks him to the curb and hook up with, well anyone else not related to her (which is hard on this show!)

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