Daytime Confidential #203: Tristan Rogers Interview

On today's show Luke and Tina visit with General Hospital's Tristan Rogers about his years as Robert Scorpio. What it was like to be apart of the cast of General Hospital during the early 80's and the Luke & Laura years. We visit about his brief return in 2006 and the rumors of his returning to General Hospital. The fact that his character will soon be a grandfather onscreen and the ongoing Holly vs. Anna debate.

We visit about his thoughts on the survival of the daytime genre and how a web based soap could be created. We talk about his critically acclaimed his short film "Opportunity Knocks" and his favorite charity Project Cuddle.

Be sure to check out Tristan Roger's Official Website, Project Cuddle, Opportunity Knocks, and

We now you will enjoy this special edition of Daytime Confidential!


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22 November 2007
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Congrats Luke & company for getting such a big name on the podcast!

I remember when you and Lisa would joke on the podcast about how you would never be able to get an interview, especially considering the scatching things you would say about bad storylines and characters sometimes. LOL!! Tongue

Movin' on up!

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16 August 2007
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Thank you! It was a pleasure visiting with him and he provides some amazing insight into the industry and General Hospital.

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30 December 2007
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Brilliant podcast guys! Great work! So good to hear some extra spice of Aussie flavour! Smile

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2 January 2008
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What a great treat to listen to you interview Tristan!
Can't wait to see what his new projects will be.

Speaking of Aussie flavor, someone who went to a focus group at Super Soap Weekend posted this on Rick S's website:

I participated in a GH focus group at Super Soap Weekend last November and it was a very interesting experience. One of the questions asked was which characters would we like to see more? Noah and Robert were the overwhelming favorites....

(I"ll post the whole entry under the Rick blog for the Oprah show)

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14 November 2007
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Great interview guys! He's just so interesting and seems like a real visionary. And I love that he's such a straight shooter Smile Thanks so much!!!!

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27 November 2007
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Listen to the podcast today and he sound great I loved it that he hate his character Robert being a dead beat dad because Robert never was one anywasy tptb could have used him more but didn`t shame on them.Loved what he had to say were Daytime should doing to stay alive and kicking.

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27 January 2008
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It was a truly interesting interview. He seems quite the technician when it comes to tooling with Daytime television and he knows his stuff. He learned it from the best, Gloria Monty. I'm a bit discouraged to find out he doesn't think he'll be back on the show. I think a lot of fans would love to have him come back at least one more time so that Robert's character can be redeemed and he can walk off into the sunset with with the air of dignity and mystery that his character demands.

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25 November 2007
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Just listened to this episode and you and Tina did a GREAT job with the interview, Luke! It was VERY interesting and entertaining.

Congrats on getting Tristan-- you guys really are getting to be a big-name site and podcast! I've been with you through every single episode (well, OK, I've skipped some of the all-CBS or all-NBC ones), and I know you deserve all the great attention that's been coming your way! Smile

(While I'm out from my lurk, I do have to throw in: I miss Lisa! I miss Lisa! I miss Lisa!)