First Biggie now Epiphany!!! Suge Knight gets into altercation with GH cast

What happens when you take a few actors from ABC's hit soap General Hospital and put them at the same Las Vegas hotel/casino as a disgruntled former rap music tycoon? A hot mess that's what! 

Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that GH/Night Shift actress Angel Wainwright (Regina) got into an altercation with 
infamous hip hop personality Suge Knight. Wainright was in Vegas for a GH fan event over the President's Day weekend along with Sonya Eddy (Epiphany), Ignacio Serricchio (Diego), Sebastian Roche (Jerry) and Jason Thompson (Patrick). 

Allegedly, Wainwright and Knight got into their scrape at the Tryst nightclub located in the Wynn Hotel. Knight supposedly threatened Wainwright who responded by jabbing the man in his eye! Knight then grabbed Wainwright, causing Sonya Eddy to begin pummeling Knight to get him to release her co-worker! Who says Jason Morgan is the only hero in Port Chuck?

For soap fans not familiar with Suge Knight, he is the co-founder and former CEO of West Coast-based Death Row Records which was involved in a long-term, messy "East Coast vs. West Coast" turf  feud with Sean "P.Diddy" Comb's Bad Boy Records. Both labels lost their key stars (Tupac Shakur and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace respectively) at the climax of the feud, although both deaths remain unsolved. Death Row was once also the home of OLTL celeb fan Snoop Dogg.


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Can't we all just get along?

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I love the fact that little Angel Wainwright took down big ole' Suge... He's been a bully for years and now it done caught up with him. Good for her. The man is a cancer on the hip-hop community. That GH cast don't play, huh?

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Big Pip beat Suge Knight's sorry butt and I love it. :jawdrop: That idiot needed a butt whipping a long time ago and I am glad it came from a woman.

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AMEN tanyia2!! I totally agree.