Bold and Beautiful: Susan Flannery Visits with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco

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TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has an awesome interview with the Bold & Beautiful icon Susan Flannery in which he asks her about the recent reports that she is looking forward to retirement, possibly very soon.  He also asks her about Stephanie's involvement in Brooke's rape. We've got that exceprt for you but be sure to check out the entire interview.


TVG: How did you feel about Stephanie being indirectly responsible for setting Brooke’s rape in motion?

SF: [sighs] I was not happy about that. That was the only time I said to Brad, ‘I don’t think this is right,’ as far as Stephanie’s involvement. I said to him, ‘You can not have her directly responsible for setting this in motion, because the audience will never forgive Stephanie for hurting another woman.’ Moreover, Eric and Ridge would never forgive her. When they backed off, and made it that Stephanie inadvertently set the rape up, I mean, that was enough guilt that we could work with from an emotional perspective.