Young and Restless: Leslie Kay Jumps to Genoa City

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TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting that the awesomely talented Leslie Kay will be making the jump to Young and Restless' Genoa City.

Supposedly Brad Bell is reserving the right to bring her back to Bold and Beautiful but if you ask me Leslie Kay is just what Genoa City needs. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a Felecia vs. Sharon feud or a Felecia vs. Phyliss feud? OR what about Felecia vs. Lauren? I didn't watch the Bold and Beautiful back when Lauren was still in L.A. so maybe long time viewers can help me out here. Were Felecia and Lauren friends or rivals?

Oh now here's a thought what about Felecia and Nick or Felecia and Michael (since we know Michael Damien is returning and has history with both Phyliss and Lauren)

Which rivalry would you enjoy most?