On the Stands: Soap Opera Weekly

LMAO!!! I said it on the podcast and I predicted it here on the blog on February 20th. Vanessa Marcil would be on the cover of a soap magazine within 8 weeks of word that Las Vegas was canceled broke! 16 days later Soap Opera Weekly has her on the cover with a headline about a contract offer she can’t refuse. To be fair I expected the picture to be bigger and the headline larger but never the less, there she is on the cover!

Gloria haters must be rejoicing. One would assume from the cover that she get’s the boot out of the Abbot mansion.

It’s a sad, sad day when Martha Bryne chooses to leave As the World Turns. I know the network and show have said they made a generous offer but why do I doubt that it was really that generous?

Josh and Reva in bed? I hope this is the tipping point and Cassie goes over the edge. As Mike points out, on the podcast crazy Cassie is awesome to watch.

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    Oh come now, you one of the soap rags plasters Vanessa’s face somewhere on the corner once every month or two, with the same damn story. Do people actually believe it at this point?

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