Daytime Confidential Sound Bites

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Ever wonder what we here at Daytime Confidential have to say about the soaps when we're not blogging or gabbing away on the podcast? Well now you can get a sneak peak at what we visit about with "Confidential Sound Bites".

March 7, 2008

Luke: "Did Brooke (B&B) seriously just propose to two different men in the same episode (3/07/08)? And we thought that Sam was loose on General Hospital sleeping with two men in one day without a shower."

Jay: "LOL I have been watching B&B again because of the podcast and LORD have mercy all it needs is that over the top telenovela music. Brad Bell has found his formula and he is sticking to it! Who stops someone from drinking by KISSING them? LMAO"

March 6, 2008

Jay: Lily Snyder is the only heroine in soaps who carries ALL her children to term! Even comatose she's gonna pop that sucker out!