One Life to Live: Kudos to Trevor St. John, Kirsten Alderson, and Kassie DePaiva

We here at Daytime Confidential were amazed by Trevor St. John, Kirsten Alderson, and Kassie DePaiva’s performances last week on One Life to Live. Belinda and myself discuss it with Karen from in this weeks ABC Edition of the Daytime Confidential Podcast (to air later this week). Turns out we weren’t the only ones blown away by the story.

TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco has a rave review of the performance in this week’s The Nelson Ratings. We’ve published an excerpt but you’ll want to check out the whole thing. He nails the topic on the head!

"Freud would have a field day with Todd Manning on OLTL. This week, in some of the most explosive and uglieyou mest scenes ever broadcast on daytime TV, head writer Ron Carlivati once again dug into Llanview’s past to show exactly what he thinks of Todd Manning. In short, he’s a monster. Ever since he raped Marty Saybrooke, Todd has been one of the most controversial characters on soaps, yet Carlivati chose to do something rather unique, bold and risky with one of his marquee characters. Instead of trying to sell us that Todd’s a changed man, Carlivati essentially initiated a dialogue with the audience: ‘You want to know how damaged this man is? I’ll show you — and it ain’t pretty.’ ”

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    They are referring to the scenes last Wednesday-Thursday when Todd caught Cole and Star in flagrante at Langston’s abandoned house and afterward where Todd looses his ever loving mind.

    I was watching all those scenes thinking that he’s insane and has had a total break from reality.

    Todd first finds out that Langston and Marko are hiding in Star’s room so that she can go be with Cole. Todd proceeds to “interrogate” Marko and Langston by hitting Marko and even motioning to punch Langston in the face, he might have actually hit her I’m not sure.

    Then Todd goes over to Langston’s and goes ape-sh*t on Cole beating him to a bloody pulp because Todd is a delusional nut job thinking that Cole is raping Star.

    Blair gets there in time to stop Todd from killing Cole. Later Todd comes home and is a monster to Langston. He asks her if she knows what she did to Starr and if she is jealous of Starr because Starr has parents and hers are dead.

    Yes, the part that bugs me the most about this is how Todd was to poor Langston.

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    I saw some of those scenes and it was intense!! On the one hand, I like the fact that they’re not forgetting that he’s a psycho (I’ll never forget what he’s done), but on the other hand, it makes me hate him even more… I so want everyone in town to just beat the living crap out of him.

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    I know how you feel. This story is totally making me like John McBain for no other fact other than the fact that he punched Todd after he saw what he did to Cole.

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    Luke Kerr

    marceline…I’m not sure….as I understand it the moment the strike ended Carlivati returned and stopped everything so that scripts could be rewritten. Also, whoever was fi-core and writing was still going by the Bible that Carlivati left. I’m not sure who penned the exact words but I think it definately has Carlivati’s prints on it.

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