Did Lauralee Bell Turn Down Offer To Celebrate Y&R’s 35th Anniversary On Screen?

The cover of the new Soap Opera Digest set to hit the stands tomorrow (March 14) doesn’t make the possible return of former Y&R star Lauralee Bell (ex- Christine "Cricket" Blair) for the show’s upcoming 35th anniversary all that likely. While we haven’t had a chance to read the actual article (the cover page was released online a day earlier than usual), a picture of Bell with the words “No Thanks” in quotes across it appears on the cover near the right side at the bottom. Beside the picture reads the caption: “Lauralee Bell: Why She Refused To Return”. This could prove disappointing for fans who were looking forward to a mini-reunion of 90’s Y&R supercouple Danny and Cricket. It has already been confirmed that Bell’s former co-star Michael Damien (Danny Romalotti) is returning to the show. Danny’s return will be at the behest of another of his exes, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), who summons him to town to deal with the latest drama concerning their son Daniel (Michael Graziadei), however  pop star Damien is reported to be performing at least two songs when not dealing with his troubled offspring. Perhaps Danny will do a set with Neil (Kristoff St. John) ‘s current squeeze Karen (Nia Peeples) or Daniel’s friend with benefits Amber (Adrienne Frantz)?

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