Bad Girl Dinah Is Really "Philip" On GL!

The major soap mags are revealing that it is in fact the crafty Dinah Marler (Gina Tognoni), not her wacky cousin Philip who has been reeking havoc in Springfield!

According to SOW, Dinah has been feeling inept since having been shot and wants to re-establish herself as a force to reckoned with in Springfield. To that end she's been pretending to be Philip,  tormenting Beth (Beth Chamberlain), Olivia (Crystal Chappell) and Rick (Michael 'Leary), and having Alan (Ron Raines) deposit large sums of Spaulding cash into an account for "Philip" that Dinah herself is actually swindling. 

Next week Dinah's brother Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) will find out what his sis has been up to and decide to throw in with her to bilk Alan-a long time Lewis and Chamberlain family enemy- out of even MORE money!  Bill will be motivated by Alan's control over his new galpal Lizzie (Marcy Rylan). Glad to see bitchy Dinah is back! 


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6 January 2008
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Wow! That is a fabulous twist. GL can be so good at times and then turn around and be sooooooooo god awful.

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22 January 2008
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I just wish that these huge storyline twists of late-Jonathan's endgame, Harley and Cyrus being found out, Will finally being outed as the Spawn of Satan and the reveal that Dinah is "Philip" would have all culminated on the episode launching the new format. I believe it all would have had a bigger impact.

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I think it would have been better to have known it was Dinah all along. Then we could have watched her do it and walk through her thought process. It would have made me more aware that something was going on. I really didn't get the full impact of Phillip's messages. It was something I overlooked because it wasn't that big a deal and nobody made it out to be. If I was having as much fun watching Dinah (which I would!) as she was having messing with people's heads, it would have been better all the way around.