Days Rant: How Can EJ Be Deported When We Watched Him Be Born in Salem?

File this under, don’t speak too soon: Okay, so  I have been fairly impressed with new Days headwriter Dena Higley’s work. Although I am not a fan of killing off vets, the death of Grandpa Shawn (Frank Parker) following the riveting plan crash drama gave the Days cast a chance to do some really good, meaty acting and more importantly it actually drove story. 

I’ ve also enjoyed Bo (Peter Reckell)’s battle with a mysterious pancreatic ailment. No I’m not some morbid tragedy freak, but I like good, character-driven drama rooted in history and that’s what this story has been. Not only is Bo’s diagnosis timely (Patrick Swayze’s current courageous battle with pancreatic cancer), but it ties into the history of the show since Bo’s half sister and Victor’s daughter, the late Isabella Toscano Black (Staci Greason) succumbed to pancreatic cancer, and I am glad to see Victor (John Aniston)  front and center fighting for his son. And just think this time his superstar daughter Jennifer didn’t even have to plead his case on a talk show to get him airtime!

Here comes the but…yep, sorry, there had to be a but and it’s a big one.

Think: Aunt Modean after a hot Texas summer inside eating bon bons and barbecue-big…WHY in the WORLD are we long term fans having our collective intelligence insulted by having to sit through this "Will EJ get deported" debacle?

HELLO, the character was born right here in these United States to one Susan Banks (Eileen Davidson)! Remember Dena? A barren Kristen (also Eileen Davidson, who should have won the Emmy. She was robbed, ROBBED I tell ya!) planned to pass off her toothier lookalike’s kid as her own with John (Drake Hogestyn)? Weren’t you on the writing staff then? I mean, come on!

I understand the need to come up with yet another plot driven obstacle to keep Sami (Alison Sweeney) in EJ’s orbit (okay I’m lying, no I don’t) in an attempt to water down the effects of him having raped her, but this isn’t the way to do it! I would rather see Sami LASH out at EJ (James Scott) because of what he did to her. To see them deal with the painful, horrific, psycholgical issues related to the rape, all along with EJ confessing his love for Sami, which causes her to be torn-can she actually forgive her rapist? This would make much more since than sweeping it under the rug via one contrived situation after another that forces the characters to interact.

There’ s no secret that James Scott has awesome leading man potential and incredible chemistry with Alison Sweeney, but it’s time Days actually dealt with the Elephant in the room instead of  trying to make us forget their painful past history via shenanigans and tomfoolery.

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    I haven’t watched DAYS in months so I’m not familiar with the EJ deportation stuff, but did they try and exlain how EJ could be deported?

    I just talked to our International person (because I have nothing better to do at work than to verify soap opera plot points w/ my coworkers, lol) and she said the only way she sees this as being possible is if the person at some point revoked their US citizenship (also possible is if a parent, while the person was a minor, revoked the kid’s citizenship.)

    And ITA w/ what you said about them dealing with the EJ/Sami rape situation. I’ve been watching DAYS for about 22 years, but finally pretty much stopped and one reason is because of the way they have handled the EJ/Sami stuff.

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    Lisa K.

    I still don’t understand how they can consider EJ raping Sami? As I recall they were in a car, stranded in a snow storm, Lucas was squashed under a log in a cabin somewhere, and EJ blackmailed Sami into having sex with him in return he’d save Lucas’s life…which he did. Now how is that rape? Sami full and well complied with EJ and had sex with him regardless of the consequences. Rape as I recall is defined as "the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will." But I must argue Sami wasn’t forced against her will but in FACT willingly agreed to have sex with EJ (ok it’s more like prostitution….but you get my point).

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    Jamey Giddens

    According to a lot of fans on the SoapNet board who I admit are much more familiar with the legalities of rape than I am, coercing someone into sex can be construed as rape. I am on the fence about it, but storywise they are calling it rape. He also did have a gun in the car, so Sami could have feared for her life.

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    I respect your opinion Foxy (and I know a lot of people feel the same way as you), but the definition of rape by which I’ve always gone by is:

    “the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.”

    I would say the risk of Lucas dying would definitely be considered duress. In a court of law this would hold up as rape. Rape isn’t always a life or death physical struggle. If a person feels that she has to have sex with someone in order to save her life, save another person’s life, or because she’s frightened, to me that’s rape.

    And yes, EJ had a gun in the car, something that I’m sure would scare Sami (who wouldn’t be scared by that?) And if you watch Sami’s reaction to the entire thing, imo, there’s no way it couldn’t be called rape.

    And it does seem that TPTB are calling it rape (and certaintly Sami considers it rape) and this is my biggest problem w/ this s/l: It was clear Sami and EJ had chemistry, and it was also clear that TPTB were going to pair them, yet they went ahead with this rape s/l anyway! I’m sure in their minds they felt that this would make their relationship more “complex” and would certainly stir up controversy, but I feel that it’s insulting and sick. If you’ve got two actors that have clicked and you’re hoping to make them a couple, you DON’T have their first sexual experience together be an act that half your audience is going to see as rape.

    Sorry, I just have very strong feelings about rape & soaps. I feel that this issue isn’t handled well on daytime tv and DAYS is one of the worst offenders, imo. JMO :)

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    I figured somewhere along the lines Stephano stole EJ from Susan and maybe along the way forged a birth certificate or something and so it reflects not being born in the US. Of course the more obvious choice is that he set this up to keep the marriage going, but then why isn’t anyone else saying hey why is this an issue you’re an American?

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    I learned in my law classes that under the letter of the law duress is the same as force. And as I remember EJ also had a gun. So IMO that ups the ante.

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    daisyclover1938: In real life, I’d agree with you – rape is a horrible way to start off a relationship and it’s highly unrealistic that a woman would forgive her rapist. However, if you look at SOAP history, ala Luke & Laura from GH, daytime’s greatest supercouple started off their relationship in a remarkably similar way. Luke raped Laura at the disco when he thought he was going to die, and in the end she forgave him and they made it to be soap opera’s most popular couple.

    It’s quite possible that TPTB were hoping to revive a Luke and Laura-esque super couple by following in their footsteps.

    In my opinion, the whole story line fell flat and is the main reason I stopped watching and following DAYS.

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    phantomdmr: I completely agree w/ what you said about DAYS emmulating L&L – obviously there are some differences in the story, but it’s clear that L&L were in their minds when they implemented this event…

    And you’re right, L&L was a huge success, and it’s possible Sami & EJ might be a huge success as well, but that said, I still find it offensive and a really bad move by TIIC. When you’ve got potential for a great coupling it’s just dumb to take it in a direction that will repulse half your audience. I know it’s just a soap, but the idea that they’re going to pair a victim of rape (and this is the second time Sami’s been raped!) w/ her assailant is just awful to me, especially when I know they didn’t have to do it. There was enough conflict between them already… And for me, just because it was successfully done before, doesn’t make it easier for me to accept :(

    I know the redemption of rapists isn’t uncommon on soaps (DAYS Jack, GH Luke, Y&R’s Michael who tried to rape and kill Cricket-stine only to become engaged to her years later, etc…) and I accept it (to a certain extent) but with DAYS, which has really tried my patience as a longtime fan, it was too much.

    After 20+ years I guess I’ve kind of given up on DAYS (for lots of reasons), which I feel guilty about, but I can’t help it… :(

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