GH’s Jax wants Carly to cut her mob ties following death of their child

According to this week’s Soap Opera Weekly, on newstands today, General Hospital’s Carly  will miscarry the baby she and Jax  wanted so desperately following the aftermath of the warehouse explosion.

Carly will be rescued by none other than nemesis Ric, who finds her floating in the water and rushes her to GH for treatment for hypothermia. At the hospital she reunites with troubled son Michael and learns that he, not one of Sonny’s rivals, shot Kate.

Jax finds out she plans to cover up for Michael which causes the two to clash and Jax to storm out. He returns when he learns she is in distress and attempts to reassure her, but the doctor comes in and tells her the baby has died. This prompts Jax to ask Carly to sever all ties to Sonny and Jason. Yeah right, and Spinelli’s gonna relocate to a retreat in the wilderness with no wireless Internet capabilities! 

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    I would have liked to have had Jax become a father but it didn’t seem likely after reading that Laura Wright didn’t want to wear the pregnancy pad. I think the scenes will be really sad when they find out they miscarried. Laura and Ingo are really good playing vulnerable and sad so should be good drama. It’s going to be weird to watch Carly suffering another miscarriage but it being a different actress….

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    Well, we know Carly is never going to sever her ties to the mob, because Guza never will!
    Vanessa Marcil needs to come back as Brenda and shop up with a secret Jax baby that she never told him about. He needs to kiss up to her big time and apologize for the horrible way he treated her.
    He can’t forgive her for kissing Sonny good-bye but he can forgive Carly for sleeping with Sonny when they were engaged????
    And then they need to go off together into the sunset when Vanessa’s visit is over…this will be after BFF Robin has her baby.
    I hate the way Jax’s character has been destroyed the last few years.
    Ingo deserves so much better!
    Jax used to be such the billionaire corporate entrepreneur and now he’s relegated to running a hotel and dealing with a psychopathic brother and a marriage that makes no sense to me.

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    Jax should drop Carly like yesterdays’ garbages.

    After both Sonny and Jason did not telling her about HER son having a gun, she should not talk to them for at lest 6 months! She is so far up their butt, that she cannot find the light at the end of the tunnel!

    I liked Carjax, until she started to put Jason ahead of Jax. I love Jax and he deserve better than Carly.

    Carly deserve to be all alone and watch Sonny and Jason have a great relationship, without her, that I would love to see!

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    Jax definitely needs to leave her. I don’t understand why everyone involved in Sonny’s life has to end up involved in Jax’s storylines anyways, like they’re trying to create the same fued that went on back in the Sonny/Brenda/Jax days. And Carly’s never gonna get out of Jason’s back pocket even if she did cut ties w/Sonny, which bugs me cuz she had her chance w/him n she blew it by sleeping w/Sonny.

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