Have All The Big Name Superstar Returns Been Worth The Hype?

TV Guide’s Michael Logan’s weekly soap column, on stands today, rated several recent high profile returns to daytime with mixed results. The returns of Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams (Angie and Jess) over at AMC received five stars from the veteran soap columnist."It’s been worth a gazillion plot contrivances to see Angie back with her "dead" Jesse after 20 long years," said Logan.

He also applauded Days on the return of it’s leading man Drake Hogestyn as a snarkier, less-than-heroic version of his Jason Bourne-esque signature character John Black. According to Logan, John is now "robo-tastic".

Logan also praises the return to daytime of beloved former General Hospital mob princess Tamara Braun as…Days of Our Lives mob princess Ava! On Braun, Logan said, "She was the best and most electrifying of the four gals who have played Carly on General Hospital (truer words have never been spoken, er written!)." He went on to add that Braun had "opened up a big old can o’ whoop-ass in Salem as Ava, a bodacious banana with a mad jones for Patch (Stephen Nichols)."

Logan wasn’t so impressed by three other recent buzz worthy returns. Citing ABC’s "Real Greenlee" campaign, coupled with cutie Rebecca Budig being stuck in stinker stories about tainted roots and amnesiac exes had all but ruined Budig’s recent return engagement. "But Budig will triumph!" he predicts. It’s taking weeks, but the loopy, ballsy, hot-to-trot Greens we love is slowly coming around."

The return of Brando School graduate Tom Pelphrey also didn’t leave Logan with much room to praise the actor’s return instead of burying it. "I’m the guy’s biggest fan, but his recent comeback left me wishing he’d stayed away."

Logan, like many  of us Jonathan fans, was apparently longing for the Son o’ Shayne of yesteryear, the brooding, misunderstood sociopath who carried the show during his initial run. "Instead we got Mr. Mom".

Lastly, the much anticipated return of General Hospital’s original Carly (Sara Brown) as big sister mob doll Claudia on GH has also left Logan unimpressed. It’s a totally brill idea," said Logan. "So how come we’re so bored?"

What do you think about the latest superstar returns on your favorite soaps, have they been a hit or miss?

Have All The Big Name Superstar Returns Been Worth The Hype?

  • If the soaps would simply write better, more engaging stories for the characters they have I'd be happy! (52%, 95 Votes)
  • I've enjoyed some of the returns, but most have been big, fat flops! (20%, 36 Votes)
  • You bet they have! It is wonderful to see old faves like Jesse and Angie back, it takes me back to when soaps were great! (28%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 183

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  1. Profile photo of Trudi

    The amazing thing is just the volume of hype and promotion didn’t seem to nudge the ratings. You would think that just the amount of advertising might encourage some new viewers to tune in, or entice former viewers. But really, the numbers haven’t budged in the least. Which confirms my belief that once viewers break the habit of soap viewing, it’s really hard to get them back.

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I chose #2 but I could have easily voted for #3 too. I love it when my fav actors come back, but for me it’s all about the writing. If a comeback is followed by a crappy story (ex: AMC’s Greenlee, ATWT’s Roseanna), or if a character is now unrecognizable (DAYS Chloe), or the actors aren’t used to great effect (GH’s Anna, Scotty, Felicia) then the return isn’t going to succeed. Plus I think an actor/character coming back for repeated mini-returns (GL’s Jonathan) actually lessens the significance/effectiveness of each return.

    Scott Bryce was fired from ATWT, presumably because his return to Craig wasn’t a huge hit. That’s certainly not Bryce’s fault (I loved Hunt Block’s Craig, but Bryce is the definitive Craig for a lot of fans). The problem was he was stuck in the cruddy and unpopular Paul/Meg/Roseanna/Craig debacle. Sarah Brown’s return to GH was hyped with a big campaign that produced positive buzz – not only was I happy that Brown was coming back, but I was intrigued by this new Claudia character, who seemed like she was going to be a Super Bad♥ss. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a clingy, sex-starved Sonny groupie :(

    I’m not dismissing the actors’ importance. I think there’s a reason why we all clamour for big returns, because we love the actors’ interpretations of these roles, but if the writing’s not there, usually the ratings won’t be either :(

  3. Profile photo of naughtyeskimo

    I find Ava to be untolerable and a stupid plot device, and Carly II on GH (or… Claudia as she now calls herself) to be even stupider. And what the frak was the Sarah Brown fuss about? I see nothing special about her. There’s no “OMG-energy” or dazzle that sets her apart from any other decent daytime actress.

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    There could possibly be some heat with Johnny/Lulu/Logan IF Logan weren’t in a coma and Piano Man Johnny weren’t busy scrawling musical notes on walls like a schizophrenic who hasn’t taken his meds…

    I still say the hot couple could be Johnny and Logan (Go JLo!!) They could be GH’s new Mob Super Couple and destroy Sonny & Jason. Then bring back Lucas (mobster Julian Jerome’s biological kid) and we’ve got an awesome Love Triangle that involves the Mob (making TIIC happy) and vets Bobbie and Scotty (making fans happy). Hey, I can dream can’t I?? :D

    But I digress…

  5. Profile photo of williamjc

    The Jesse/Angie sl on AMC is the only reason to watch AMC right now. As for Sarah Brown, I think now that Guza is back (I still don’t know how I feel about that), we will see a slightly different Claudia. It was Guza who envisioned “Claudia” so he knows where he wants her to go.

    For the most part, as much as I love Rebecca B, until they fix that whole debacle of a sl, she’s stuck.

  6. Profile photo of marceline

    Jesse and Angie have been absolute bliss but they are a diamond in an ocean of sewage. They could bring on Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep but you drop them in the middle of Charm! propping and pole dancing and its still a losing battle.

  7. Profile photo of Dinah


    I love that Jesse and Angle are back on AMC
    they are so great together wow acting been the
    best!!! And Sarah Brown can leave anything now
    never did like her.


  8. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Jesse and Angie’s arrival and reunion was AWESOME but since then AMC is really dropping the ball, especially the Jesse portion of the storyline. The way they are writing him at the moment he comes off like an out of control dufus (like so many of AMC’s male characters).

    I LOVE that RB is back on AMC but that has been botched too.

  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    The promos were AWESOME with her and Maurice, but the storyline has been a real let down. It has taken away from the real heat, which is Johnny/Lulu/Logan and Maxie and Spinelli!

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