John sets stage for DiMera vs. Kiriakis mob war on Days

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According to this week's Soap Opera Weekly, on stands today, newly self-appointed DiMera family head John Black is all set to start a GH-esque turf war with former father-in-law Victor Kiriakis over control of the docks. Marlena has just agreed to council the Greek billionaire and is set to be caught in the middle of a power struggle between John, Victor and Victor's heir apparent Philip.


I for one couldn't be more psyched about this storyline! I have wondered why Victor has basically been made a eunich for years and am glad to see Salem's other crime family get some play!  

Two things that could make this story even that much better, the return of Wally Kurth as Victor's favorite nephew Justin Kiriakis and hiring a name actor to resurrect the role of Brady Black. Maybe David Tom (ex-Billy Abbott, Y&R) is available?