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So many faces, so little time to discuss what is on the cover of this week’s Soap Opera Weekly. I’ll take a swing at the Martha Byrne issue. When word first broke CBS made it sound like Martha Bryne was demanding all kinds of things. Of course there are always two sides to a story and in a chat last night Martha told her side of the story and it wasn’t quite how CBS made things out to be. Needless to say, losing Martha Byrne will be a huge loss to As the World Turns.

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    Ugh! I hate all the drama surrounding Nathaniel Marston’s absence from The Gabriel Project event.

    First of all, he wasn’t kicked out. The sensationalism of SOW is disgusting. Nathaniel didn’t attend the event, so he certainly wasn’t forcibly removed from the premises as the misleading headline implies. Secondly, the organizers of the event were well aware that I and nine other people paid our $200 a piece to sit at his table and were expecting to see him. They were perfectly happy to accept our “donations” under those circumstances, and I certainly wasn’t offered a refund when it was revealed that he would not attend. Finally, Nathaniel’s former castmates have been very supportive of him. The implication that widespread hard feelings for Nathaniel exist among the cast of OLTL is misleading.

    All in all the situation was handled very poorly. I was pleasantly suprised that Nathaniel agreed to attend in the first place because it would be awkward for HIM! But he did agree to attend and his scheduled appearance raised $2000 for the charity. My understanding is that he did not attend the event in order to avoid exactly the kind of negative and grossly misleading publicity that ensued from his nonappearance. It all could have been avoided if the organizers had never planned for him to be there in the first place. No one would have questioned his absence under those circumstances.

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    I believe that whatever “drama” took place around Nathaniel and the Gabriel Project event was caused not by the actor but by the oppressive, overreaching hand of ABC issuing ultimatums to their actors. It’s unfortunate that ABC chose to penalize a worthwhile charity all in the name of flexing its muscle.

    It’s also unfortunate that ABC was so shortsighted that they didn’t realize that the people attending the event to see Nathaniel Marston were also fans of OLTL and that any unpleasantness reflected badly on the (last in the ratings) show, not the actor.

    And kudos to Sean Ringgold for taking time out to support Nathaniel and attend his brunch. The pics looked adorable! Congrats on your movie role Sean!

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