General Hospital Fashion: Robin vs. Super Sex

It seems to me that General Hospital has been upping the ante when it comes to their character's fashion. So I thought I'd see whose outfit people like better.  I've always liked Robin but the character really needs to get some better clothes. As for Claudia. She looks amazing but Belinda is right. She looks like a SuperSex Barbie. This is going to be a tough decision.

Who looks the best? Robin Scorpio or Claudia Zaccharra?


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27 December 2007
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It appears like Claudia is wearing the type of fashion that Kate Howards used own. It's like GH picks one or two characters and throws their budget on their wardrobe and forgets everybody else.

I did vote for Claudia though since she does look hot...but she is the human barbie doll

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12 December 2007
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Of course Clawdia looks better; she's a oversexed aggressive maneater with not real skills or job. Robin's a respected doctor, is she supposed to where Herve Legere (designer of Clawdia's dress) dresses to work? I picked Clawdia of course and Robin always looks awful. Next time pick two more comparable characters like Clawdia and Carly.

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6 January 2008
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Sorry. I don't even watch this show, but I would have to say neither. Claudia's dress? To pull her breasts any further up on her chest would require a crane!

Robin? She always looks scrungy to me.

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29 December 2007
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Super sex barbie of course. Sex sells and thats just how it is.

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30 November 2007
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claudia is definitly dressed the best...they seriously need to do something with robins hair

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14 December 2007
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I wish that Z bitch would just go away for good this time.

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20 November 2007
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From frumpy to slutty, not much of a choice.

At least Claudia is in character.

I don't know a lot of Doctor dressing that bad, and looking like a student!

And Robin was in France for years, and in all that time she did not learn how to dress, where was she under a rock? Please. French woman dress impeccably, they wear comfortable cloth, very well adjust for their size, and always with a certain flare!

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Did Super Sex Barbie come out before or after Trailer Park Barbie ?

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13 November 2007
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Claudia of course!!! Or supersex barbie...what ever you want to call her.

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I picked Clawdia of course and Robin always looks awful. Next time pick two more comparable characters like Clawdia and Carly.