One Life to Live: It's Official Tuc Watkins Returns as David Vickers

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Whoohoo! ABC finally confirmed what had been rumored for quite a while. Tuc Watkins is returning to One Life to Live as David Vickers.


ABC doesn't say how long David Vickers will be sticking around Llanview but his first air date will be May 7th.

This got me to thinking about what I am looking to most with David's return? Is it his on again off again romance with Dorian? Is it David and Vicki's relationship? Could it be the revelation that he's a Buchanan or Clint's reaction to such a revelation? Assuming that the big secret finally gets out could it be the David vs. Jared face off. What about Renee's reaction to the news?

What about David Vickers return are you looking forward to most?