Days’ Bryan Dattilo Online Chat

For all the Bryan Dattilo fans wondering when we’ll be seeing him back on Days of our Lives as Lucas Roberts Horton, the short-ish answer is – not even the actor knows… for sure!  In a recent online chat with his fans, Bryan admitted that he wasn’t exactly sure when Lucas will be making his return appearance, but that he was definitely coming back.  As we all know, Lucas is currently serving an 8 year prison sentence after confessing to shooting EJ (James Scott) during his marriage to Sami (Ali Sweeney) and pleading guilty to all charges.  But did he actually do it? 

This was one of the burning questions posed to the actor during the chat.  Along with answering this, Bryan had a few things to say regarding possible future storylines for his character, as well as giving some insight into what he himself would like to see happen for Lucas.  He also commented on and rated former Head Writer Hogan Sheffer’s storylines during his tenure at Days.

You can read his response, along with all the other questions and answers (all helpfully highlighted in bold), on Bryan’s Official Message Board.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I hope that during Brian’s next stint, they bring back Bill Horton and finally cement Lucas’ status in the Horton family by dealing with his paternity onscreen. There has never been any real interaction between Bill and Lucas since it was revealed Lucas was the product of Bill’s affair with Kate, which drove Jenn and Mike’s mother insanse. That is a HUGE Days story and it could lead to so many possibilities  i.e. Lucas’s daddy issues causing him to drink again, Sami having to rally to support her man against his bitter stepmother Laura and maybe even bonding with Kate over it,  etc.

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