BREAKING NEWS: Cady McClain Returns To AMC as Angel Dixie!


SoapNet has confirmed that Cady McClain is once again returning to All My Children this time as an angelic version of her signature character Dixie Cooney Martin. Angel Dixie will lead her true love Tad to the truth that Julie Keefer’s adopted daughter Kathy is really Tad and Dixie’s daughter Kate. I’m not sure what to make of this. I would much rather have seen them bring Dixie back from the dead again than basically solidfy that the character is dead by having her be otherworldy. What do you think?


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    I think they’re crazy if they bring her back as an Angel or a Spirit. They need to undo the travesty that was Dixie’s Death by Pancakes. This still doesn’t mean she’s dead of course…I mean fans saw Jesse’s “ghost” and on GL we saw a Reva apparition when she was supposedly dead but not really (I love soaps, lol!)

    Well, if they do this, I’d like to see it played out like this: Spirit Dixie guides Tad to their daughter. Then cut to Real Dixie, lying in a coma. We see her Spirit jump back into her body and glimpse Dixie’s eyelids fluttering…leaving open the possibility for her to return :)

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    I think it’s time ABC stops making ghosts out of its dead characters. In recent months, GH’s Alan and Emily have lingered after their characters’ deaths, and now Dixie will too join the club (Y&R is also guilty of it with John). The problem is, we fans would much rather see our characters alive and well rather than be reminded of the injustices as a result their deaths in the first place. Way to go ABC, keep reminding us that you continually kill off the “legacy” characters as you like to call them, only to bring them back in the irrelevant from of a spirit or ghost. People shouldn’t have to die to get a story! If Cady is returning, Dixie should be alive, perhaps hidden and in the care of Palmer, Del and/or Di, where she’s been (sorry ATWT) lingering in a coma all these months. If “Angel Dixie” were to lead Tad in to finding real Dixie, I’d be okay with that. But brining Cady back only to reunite Tad and Kathy while Dixie remains dead is a slap in the face to fans IMO.

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    Luke Kerr

    Not for nothing, but this is seriously messed up. Her death by pancakes is becoming as notorious as Frankie’s death on AW among others. Bringing her back as a spirit isn’t going to undo what they’ve done. They have to bring her back alive and "well" in order to undo it.

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    Yeah Jamey G, we are strangely in tune on all things soap! But I’m a Libra :D I remember when Reva appeared to Josh and Annie…at the time I thought, “NO! That means Reva’s dead!!” How foolish of me, LOL!

    Jamie: ITA!! When I see beloved characters as ghosts/spirits/brain tumor hallucinations I get the initial thrill of seeing them again, but that wears of quickly and I end up just getting pissed all over again.

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    Amen everyone. I too will end my boycott of AMC only if they bring Dixie back alive. I am so sick of ghosts.
    Come on AMC!!! Do the right thing! Bring Dixie back ALIVE!!!

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    Bring Dixie back and I end my boycott of AMC. I stopped watching because of the poisoned pancake and I promise I’ll come back as full time viewer if they bring her back, alive and well.

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    Well, I’m glad it’s the next step for Tad finding his daughter, but this isn’t the way to unwrong Dixie’s ridiculous death. We want her back alive! I want to see her and Tad reunite with Kate together!


    Gus & Harley lover!

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    I H.A.T.E. this!!!! Dixie has to come back alive. AMC is horrible @ trying to give the fans what they want! I know that they already have a back from the dead story with Jesse, but they could have still found an innovative way to bring back Dixie alive & well. We, the fans, have to fight this. Please call the ABC comment line @ 1-818-460-7477x2x4x255. Tell them how we want Dixie Cooney Martin back A.L.I.V.E!!!!

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    Mike Jubinville

    I don’t even watch AMC and I agree with you that her death should be undone! I did tune in to watch death by pancakes because, well, who wouldn’t watch that! I’m surprised CM is going along for that ride at all. It’s not a permanent job and I truly feel that she’s repeatedly gotten the shaft from both AMC and ATWT.

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    ITA Mike, CM has been treated badly by AMC and ATWT (horribly botched returns on both shows).

    Af far as her reasoning behind taking this Ghost gig…It could partially be a strategic move…she’s got to know that this return is going to be huge with the fans and they’re going to be demanding her permanent return. Sure, fans have always wanted her back alive and well, but having her pop up briefly will just intensify their feelings.

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    Wow, Cady as Jennifer Horton. I would have never come up with that, but I could actually see that. Not only could Cady handle the role, but fans would be accepting of that recast because 1)they know Melissa Reeves decision to leave (as opposed to being forced out) 2)people want Jenn and Jack back and 3)CM is talented and incredibly likeable. Plus she’ll bring her own fan base over to DAYS.

    Okay Jay, you know so much about soaps, maybe you can explain this to me. Why does DAYS keep getting rid of Matthew Ashford/Jack D.?? The actor/character is such a fan fav, yet hasn’t he been fired something like 3 times?? What’s the deal? Is the actor too expensive, is he a pain in the butt?? I just don’t get it. Come to think about it, his other soap gigs (GH, OLTL) haven’t lasted that long either. I’ve always wondered what the problem is.

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    I agree with Jamie! The “Ghost” story line has to stop on ALL shows!!! Bring back Dixie alive. She is a beloved character that should have NEVER been let go! It can make an interesting story line with her Tad & Chrystal (but I guess Chrystal can always go back to Adam!!).

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    It just kills me how they think that Angel Dixie will undo all of the crap that’s gone on. They need to be cleaning house and undoing the bad like Y&R is.

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    Jamey Giddens

    EXACTLY!!!! I swear you are my twin sister separarated at birth! LOL Are you a Cancer? I am serious, I was thinking the exact same thing! Reva’s ghost appearing was explained away by saying her spirit was floating away from her body while comatose!

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    Jamey Giddens

    James Reilly started it, He allegedly didn’t take a liking to Matt’s witty, ascerbic take on Jake, so he got rid of him and turned Jack into one of his cookie cutter himbos with one recast after another. Newer fans have know connection to the greatness of Jack and Jenn back in the 90’s. When JER came bame back during his last stint he hacked away at the character’s integrity by killing him off, TWICE, so when Missy Reeves finally had enough and picked up the family to move to Nashville, the soap decided to give Jack and Jenn fans a happy ending at least.

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