All My Children: Cady McClain on Return as Ghost

One of the things we love about All My Children and As the World Turns star Cady McClain is that she is so open about her thoughts and feelings about her career. Now that word is out that Cady is returning to All My Children this spring, albeit as a ghost (don’t get me started), she is blogging about it on her Official Website.

Here is the letter to her fans.

"I AM returning to AMC for a while.

I got a phone call from Julie asking if I was available this spring. As I have taken time off to have this surgery, I said, “well, in a manner of speaking I am. What’s up?”

As it stands, they have asked me back to play a ghost, yes, for a limited amount of time.

I know this may be a disappointment to some of you, but I ask you to please give it a chance. I have had the opportunity to have some lovely in depth conversations with TPTB about this story, and I think it will be very uplifting, fun, and rewarding for fans.

Who knows what the future will bring? Right now I take it a day at a time. I feel grateful for the opportunity to heal something that so many feel went amiss.

I have also had the opportunity to have some lovely in depth conversations with Carolyn Hinsey of Soap Weekly. Her blog will be available March 28th (see my link at right), as well as an issue of Soap Weekly I hope you check out! (She always gets to the heart of the issue!).

Thank you so much for your support. I am SURE it is you, the fans, who have made this happen. I hope to do what I can to reward your incredible kindness to me."


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    I really fell that they waited alittle to long to bring her back to tell Tad that Kathy is really Kate we have waited 1 year and some months for this now. I just fell to little to late for me . :( :( :( .

  2. Profile photo of Teleia21

    I will be happy in the end if she starts out as a ghost and then it is revealed she is real and not a ghost. That might be the only way TPTB can make up for what they did. But I love my gal Cady and will tune in.

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I am going to take Cady’s word for it. Maybe, just maybe, we can get our wish and she will indeed be back in the flesh at the end of this arc. Hopefully, the ratings may spike a little and this will finally prove to Frons that Dixie is needed ALIVE. Krystal is better off with Adam and I don’t want to see Tad have to develop another romance with a newbie that I’m going to like months down the road. The fans who have invested the last 20 years in Tad & Dixie deserve this. If Angie & Jesse can get their happy ending, why not Tad & his precious Dix? I am keeping my fingers crossed, and maybe AMC will pull a rabbit out of their hat juts in time for May sweeps.

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