General Hospital: Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Just Get It

Growing up as a child did your mother or father tell you to be careful what you wish for because you may just get it? Well I think it’s safe to say that is the growing sentiment of many General Hospital fans as the "Shocking Dylan Cash Online Rumors" we reported over the weekend continue to gain steam as more and more details come out.

How does this play into be careful what you wish for, you may be asking? Well only a few short weeks ago, fans across the internet and even some of us General Hospital fans here at Daytime Confidential (no names mentioned) were bemoaning the fact that February’s sweeps were the most boring thing since, well, uh, er, um, er, the last giant explosion, catastrophe, virus outbreak, train crash, burning hotel, Guza inspired ratings booster.

As Tina pointed out to me, "Why does Michael need to be in another gun storyline so soon? The kid just shot someone by accident and now he gets shot?" How many "life lessons" do Carly, Sonny, and Jason really need to finally wake up and smell the imported coffee beans that they do in fact lead dangerous lives? A lifestyle that puts everyone around them in real danger and that they aren’t going to be able to control things forever?

If these rumors of Michael being shot are true, supposedly this is all going to go down at the grand reopening of the Haunted Star as part of May Sweeps, which leads to a few additional questions. Why is a minor at a casino? If this is all some giant scheme to get Dylan Cash off screen (another big rumor) wouldn’t it make more sense to punish him for shooting Kate and send him off to boarding or military school? Or why couldn’t he just disappear like Lucas? Why does yet another Quartermaine heir have to bite the dust?

Speaking for myself, I’ve always hoped that we’d get to see Michael end back up at the Quartermaine mansion. If they kill off Michael what is the chance we’ll ever see that day?

Oh, and if TPTB have mind to SORAS and recast the role might I suggest hugely talented Jesse Soffer (leaving As the World Turns in early April) as a "teen/young adult" Michael? He has that acting chops and the preppy look that Michael could have if he were to return to the Quartermaine fold but he is also greatly talented and as As the World Turns’ fans know could do some of the darker stuff that being the son of a mobster might require.

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    yeah, well, BUH-BYE. I’d rather another Quartermaine not be killed off. Sorassing would be terrific because we all know that having a kid old enough to have a story is the death knell for the parents of said character and I can’t WAIT for Sonny top be back burnered BIG TIME. (My own opinion and not necessarily that of this site or its owner) 

    My fondest dream is for Micheale to HATE carly and Sonny and go live with Monica. I hope he gives them endless amounts of hell while heaping hatred on their heads that is literally NEVER ending!

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

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    I’m actually really glad that Michael or as some people on the net are calling him Mykill is leaving. I don’t rally agree with the way that they are doing it, but I have come to expect that GH will go with the most violent possible exit for a character.

    I really hope that they don’t kill him and this is just a device to get him off canvas for a year or two and SORAS the chracter.

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    i have to say the little boy can act, however i think a soras is due since all the other kids born at around the same time are jumping in and out of each others’ beds or dead (alas, fair georgie!) plus now the next generation is coming so this in between stage is awkward. of course than morgan will have to become a preteen right away, too.

    i have always prayed that a grown up michael would resent his parents and find out exactly how carly took him away from aj (making him think he’s fallen off the wagon when he hadn’t). i think a new start for monica and a protege for edward would be awesome!

    the only bad thing about killing michael off is where guza might take this – so just age him please. i’m afraid with the wacky zaccharas new to town they will take over as the prominent family the way sonny’s family(?) has decimated the quartmaines. can’t this show learn the way to pump up viewership is to return to core families instead of destroying them? cassadines? spencers? quartermaines? baldwins? there are plenty of families to revive instead of bringing in new ones. dillon, sly, harding children, there are plenty of kids running around out there that could come home to PC

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    Lisa K.

    Comparing GH to Days for a minute…they killed off little Zack Brady in a big ratings attempt. Sure it raised DOOL’s ratings initially and gave Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) some much needed dramatic energy however the whole show then became so damn morbid and sad that many fans started tuning out. Add to the fact that they got rid of a character from a core family…it was such a waste of future posibilities.

    I think the same can be said of GH if Guza decides to go this way…not only would it increase GH’s ratings temporarily ( shock value ratings increase DOESN’T fix the problem in the longrun!), but also it would be wasting such a great potential character from another legacy/core family (Quartermaines).

    I agree…Jesse Sofer would be fantastic in a SORASed role of Michael.

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    I think it’s all to get DC outta there. I have a feeling TPTB are about to SORAS Michael.

    If this is a Guza idea (and I don’t think it is totally) I wonder what the fallout will be in terms of Sonny, Carly and Jason – esp in light of Jason’s injury…

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    Jamey Giddens

    Hey Belinda! I would love to see Monica sober up and use Trevor to sue for custody of Michael-citing his unstable home environment. That would throw Sonny and Carly back into each other’s orbits as they have to rally to fight for their sons, and both Jax and Kate would have to deal with their renewed bond-maybe by bonding themselves? Meanwhile Trevor begins worming his way more and more into Monica’s life, he gets himself appointed trustee over Alan’s ELQ shares and Ric must then team up with Jason to save Monica from Trevor!

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