General Hospital Celebrates 45 Years Off Screen, No On Screen Tribute Planned

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First I would like to congratulate General Hospital for 45 years in television. This is a huge accomplishment, that with each passing year and more cancellations, becomes even more and more rare. Which makes one wonder, why is it that we won't be seeing any type of 45th Anniversary special episode or celebration onscreen?

That's right folks, allegedly General Hospital has chosen not to do any type of special episode for this amazing accomplishment. How can there be no recognition of Luke & Laura, the Scorpios, The Quartermaines, The Webbers, The Cassadines, and all of the other families and storylines we've invested in over the years?

The Bold and Beautiful did a wonderful tribute episode recently and the fans loved it. Does anyone else find General Hospital's lack of an onscreen recognition of its accomplishment a bit disappointing?

What do you think of General Hospital's Alleged Plans?