One Life to Live: John and Talia Chemistry Testing?

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I realize I may be treading into dangerous waters here but I'm just a bit curious what One Life to Live fans think or would think of a John & Talia pairing (has someone come up with a squish name for them yet)? For years Antonio drove me nuts because he was always so angry and brooding but then BethAnn Bonner came along with Talia and all was forgiven because the character of Antonio seemed to put so much of his brooding past behind him.

So when I saw these One Life to Live spoiler screencaps of Talia and John I couldn't help but wonder if some how Talia might make McBroody McBroodyson himself a little less, well, broody?

What do you think. Do you like the idea of a John and Talia pairing or would you prefer she stays with Antonio?