Days of Our Lives: Dena Higley Officially Head Writer

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Entertainment Weekly's has finally officially confirmed what those of us who read online rumors, spoilers, and reports have known for a while. Dena Higley is the sole Head Writer of Days of Our Lives.


Here is their quote: ""Dena Higley is now the sole head writer on Days of Our Lives, according to a show publicist. The show wouldn't say when she came on board, but it confirms that she is now at the helm as head writer, replacing Hogan Sheffer. Higley has been a source of controversy recently. Last summer, she left One Life to Live, where she was also head writer, after fans started a petition calling for her dismissal."

The question becomes are we happy or upset now that we finally have confirmation? Are we looking forward to seeing what she can do or do you think her writing will almost destroy Days of Our Lives like it seemed she was trying to do at One Life to Live?