On the Stands: Gloria Sells Magazines

Forget marketing cosmetics, the Young & Restless’ Gloria can really sell soap magazines. I went back and looked. Gloria has been pictured or mentioned on at least five covers of Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Digest and CBS Soaps In Depth combined, since the beginning of the year.  

This week’s issue of Soap Opera Weekly also has an exclusive interview Cady McClain which should be an interesting read considering Cady’s returning to All My Children as a ghost.

P.s. Can someone explain the connection between Battlestar Galactica and soaps?

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    Well, as someone who watches both soaps and Battlestar Galactica – you’d be surprised how soapy it is. I mean in the photo on the cover you have Sam and Kara (aka Starbuck) who are married – but Kara’s been having an affair with her long time friend Lee Adama (aka Apollo) – who seems to be the love of her life and is also her late fiancee’s brother. Meanwhile, Apollo’s married too Dee and has started trying to fight his attraction to Kara. Then, in the middle of last season, Kara was killed – Apollo and Sam mourned her and then in the season finale – Kara came back from the dead. Plus, Sam found out he’s really a Cylon and his whole life is a lie – which I guess would kind of be comparable to Days of Our Lives’ John Black finding out he’s a Dimera! Sounds pretty soapy to me -lol!

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    Battlestar Galactica is like Heroes and Dawson’s Creek being a soap. I’m bias to my soaps being daytime. Primetime doesn’t work as hard as daytime does. SOW does this crap to get readers. Thats why I get Digest.

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