The View: Worst Friday Fashion

Today was the big day. Senator Obama visited The View to visit with the gals about politics and his candidacy for President. It was an interesting appearance to say the least but after seeing this picture I couldn't help but notice that Elizabeth and Sherri looked great and Joy looked ok, but what in the world is up with Whoopi and Barbara?

So I thought I'd ask. Which The View cohost had the worst fashion sense for the big visit?


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14 November 2007
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Babs looked like she was on her way to a Columbo fan convention. But we know how kinky Babs is...maybe she's got a second career going as a flasher??

My vote was for Whoopi...what's the deal with the smock? Was there a painting segment on the show today?

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27 December 2007
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Whoopi looks like she's in a blue potato sac..and Barbara def looks like she's going to flash somebody

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9 January 2008
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In Whoopi's defense, at least she's consistent...

You knew Elizabeth and Sherri would come thru looking good - they've been looking forward to this. They were practically drooling over the

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6 January 2008
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It's kind of sad when we have the most exciting presidential candidate I've seen in my 20 plus (to put it kindly) politically active years, appear on The View and even as shallow soap viewers all we talk about is the wardrobe?????

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lol....this isn't a political blog

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22 January 2008
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I love Whoop, but she's always been a fashion don't. That's part of her charm. But I expected more from Babs. Why she want to come on there looking like Inspector Gadget? I half expected her to yell "GO GO Gadget SEAT WARMERS!"