Young and the Restless: Paging Mamie Johnson, The Abbott Mansion Needs Some Spring Cleaning

As longtime Young and the Restless fans know there was only one woman who truly ran the Abbott mansion and that was trusted housekeeper Mamie (played last by Veronica Redd). Mamie stood by John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) and protected him fearlessly from being made a fool of, especially from his conniving trophy wife Jill Abbott (Jess Walton). What a pity Mamie wasn’t still around to help Jack (Peter Berman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) convince John to see the truth about Gloria (Judith Chapman) the way she helped him do so about Jill so many time over the years. Check out this classic Mamie vs. Jill show down.

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    You know Jamey, I don’t agree. I think that John really felt in love with Gloria, and really saw her for who she was.

    It is not because that Jack thinks that his father did not see the truth about Glo, that it is true. I think that Jack stop trusting and respecting his father, when he thought he was too senile, to see Gloria for what she was, and I think John did!

    I always thought that John was the kind of man able to love a woman like Gloria, in spite of all her flaws, and I still think so! He was a real gentleman with all the trimming, something his son will NEVER be!

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    I totally agree with you here Jamey. Mamie would’ve put Gloria in her place just like she did Jill.

    Thanks for this video. I so remember this. I remember rewinding over and over to hear Mamie call Jill a bitch in front of John. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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    “You mean the BITCH, don’t you” Mamie to John


    Thank you Jamey for that reminder of how freaking fabulous Y&R used to be. Character driven story for fantastic characters. I was always a huge Mamie fan. She never took any BS from Jill or anyone. She was not just the Abbott maid, she was a beloved mother surrogate to the children and a confidente and more with John. I was so disappointed when they dropped the Mamie/John love story. I thought it was a natural extension of their story but I felt like TPTB could not have John actually love and marry a black woman. I don’t think Y&R had the support or inclination to do an inter-racial story then. They have since but Bill Bell was definitely a conservative writer. But, when he brought on Drucilla and her sister on and their mother, who admitted to Drucilla that she was an unwanted pregnancy, I was floored. That was such great writing. And the Jill and Mamie relationship was essential for those years that Jill and John were married. Mamie read her like a large-print book and told her what was on her mind continuously, gnawing away at Jill. I love having access to all of the past of soaps on You Tube but sometimes it just makes me sad because I think the glory days are gone and we are witnessing the end of daytime drama as we grew up and know it. Watching this makes Y&R look so blah and lacking today, like all of the soaps seem to be lately. But it is comforting to know that YouTube can take us back to any year, any story, any character that we loved and re-live it.

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    I too, wish that Mamie would come back from the never ending cruise that she has been on. Though I like the spice that Gloria has brought to the show (a lot of her scenes are funny to me), John never would have married her had Mamie been around.
    “Red Beans & Ricely Yours” ~ Louis Armstrong

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    This was such a treat! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been searching for great vintage clips of Mamie and Drucilla and Lilly Bell Barber (Dru’s mom), but haven’t been able to find them on youtube. This clip was awesome.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Timepass, John was not thinking with the right brain. What man in his right mind would leave a woman like that half his fortune? He had four children and grandchildren to think of and he would leave HALF his fortune to a gold digger to one day pass on to her reprobate children, while leaving the other half to be split by his four kids and grandkids??? That is an abomination. I would have had my father declared incompetent before I would have allowed that to take place. I understand Jack’s point of view totally. LOL

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh I totally agree King, except I think it was more CBS and the sponsors than Bill Bell who prevented that love story. I remember reading that they were getting hate mail for the story. That also took place during Victoria Newman’s relationship with Neil. It’s sad we still have people in this world who are so ignorant and biased as to only want to see love expressed between two people of the opposite sex and of the same race.

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