All My Children: Why Not Ruth Instead of Opal?

Okay, here’s definitely hoping the awful rumor that All My Children is planning to sacrifice the wonderful Jill Larson and her wackilicious character Opal at the altar of May Sweeps is NOT I repeat NOT true, but if it is and TPTB at ABC are wanting to mimic a General Hospital-style Vets-for-Ratings Sweeps Stunt, why not kill off the long missing Ruth Martin? 

The original Ruth, Mary Fickett retired what, a decade ago? Maybe more, and the replacement hasn’t been seen in months. Why not kill off Ruth and use it as the storyline that brings Jake back to Pine Valley? AMC could also bring back popular characters like Phil, Tara, Charlie, Kelsey and Brooke for a memorial service complete with rich flashbacks and powerful scenes for Joe, Tad and the rest of the clan.

 It boggles my mind that soaps these days will kill of characters played by actors who aren’t yet ready to retire i.e. Stuart Damon (Alan, GH), Frank Parker (Shawn, Days) and Jerry Douglas (John, Y&R), instead of writing dramatic endings to the stories of legacy characters played by actors  who have chosen of their own free will to retire.
It would have made so much more sense for Days of Our Lives to kill off Mickey Horton rather than Shawn Brady. The orignal Mickey, John Clarke has retired from show business and has made it clear that he has no plans of ever returning to Days. The show could have received just as much dramatic punch out of Mickey’s death, possibly more and it could have led to a great new storyline for his leading lady Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). But instead of going that route they decided to kill off Shawn Brady, played by Frank Parker, who was still happily serving chowder at The Brady Pub after almost 30 years.  

Now we have a recast Mickey coming on board in the form of Knots Landing vet Kevin Dobson, whom I love, but from the spoilers I’ve been reading this is all to give EJ the Rapist a storyline where he goes to work for Mickey as a lawyer. If it’s one thing I hate more than a vet being put out to pasture, it’s one being used to pimp a newbie character that’s being forced down fans’ throats. Note to writers: When you have a legacy role that has been vacant for years and you are looking to kill off a character for dramatic emphasis, go with the ones who have already left the building!

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    ITA. There are ways to incorporate the death of a vet w/o pissing off all of your fans, and picking a character who’s portrayer is retired or about to retire seems like the most logical choice.

    BTW, on DAYS I would have much preferred if they had killed off Mickey (which would have been heartbreaking) and had Frankie Brady come back to town to take over the law firm, thus giving EJ the opportunity to join the firm as well.

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    Ruth dying would make more sense, and it could tie into the current storyline that’s going on with big, bad Uncle Rob. Opal is my heart. She better not be on her way out.

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    Hey Listen. The reason I watch AMC these days is because

    1. Angie and Jesse are back

    2. Opal is on more regularly.

    If they kill her off I’mm a have to go down to 66th street and be a picketer in front of the ABC building.

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    ITA Equater!!! Bite your tongue Jamey or I might just have to book you on Leno!!!!! Listen, no way would it make sense to kill off Ruth! She is never seen anymore only now and again. I like the fact that there are some of Agnes Nixon’s characters still lingering around on the show.    Equater, I will meet you on 66th Street!  Then drinks after ok? LOL  

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