Bold and the Beautiful: The Alley Mills Show

This my friends is worth replaying…over and over again! The rivalry between Pam and Donna is VERY entertaining, especially when Tiny gets involved!

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    Brian, you guys haven’t seen anything yet down there in Australia. Pam eventually uses Tiny in a much more scary way against Donna, threatens her by eating a tea-bag whole, locks her in a tanning spray booth where she turns the shade of an oompa-loompa, has her hair dyed green and her teeth dyed brown, all before her wedding day to Eric. It’s fabulous! Alley Mills deserves accolades for bringing oomph back to this show.

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    Pam is a HOOT!!! Best current character of the show. Although I am offended that her craziness is cause by Bi-Polar Disorder. She should have just been kooky because of raising her mom and her sister going to LA. That enough could make you go crazy.

    And the people on The Soup love it so much they aired tanned Donna last week. HAHA!!

    Donna HOgan. Tiny. Classic!

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